A key component to achieving your sales goals is to ensure your teams are running at full capacity at all times. Due to a variety of situations including parental leave, illness, disability and attrition, vacancies within your team is an expected occurrence. The challenge with vacancies is back-filling them quickly, with as little disruption as possible.


This can be challenging for sales managers that already have a full plate of responsibilities.  The solution: Let PEAK develop a vacancy management plan for you. We are highly experienced in recruiting quickly for vacant positions. With our streamlined process we can work with you and your management team to ensure the shortest gap possible for any one vacancy. Positions where we can assist:

  • Sales Representatives (Retail, GP, Specialty, Hospital, Virtual)

  • Account Managers

  • RSMs

  • MSLs

  • Marketing Staff

As with all PEAK services, we offer the ultimate in flexibility. If you’d like to utilize PEAK for recruiting efforts only, we are happy to assist. In addition, we can take the entire back-end support for a vacancy replacement as well, including HR, Payroll, Benefits (if applicable).  Every vacancy is different and we work with you to develop the best solution for each situation.