PEAK is experienced in providing contract sales forces that support our clients at the physician audience. We understand the importance of bringing value to the physician and ultimately to patients, and how that value can impact the success of your brand or device. Our physician teams are customized to support our client’s specific needs, but here is a snapshot of our typical team structures:

  • Hospital Sales Teams 

  • Specialty Sales Teams

  • Hybrid Sales Teams 

  • GP/FM Sales Teams

  • Customer Service Teams

  • Virtual Sales Teams

  • MSL Teams


PEAK builds teams to support the highly scientific discussion of a rare disease for example, as well as the consumer-focused, over-the-counter brand. We work with you to first identify your objectives and provide options to best reach and exceed those objectives. 

In many program scenarios PEAK is able to provide options using both “dedicated” and “syndicated” models. Let us assist you to determine the best solution for your brand objectives.